PixelPost to WordPress Exporter

This addon for PixelPost will allow you to export your posts, comments, categories, tags and images into the WordPress blogging platform. PixelPost is no longer being developed and has left thousands of photo blogs without support. Although PixelPost was a fine photo blogging script, it was limited in uses other than for photos. In today’s world of multimedia, wouldn’t it be nice to have the option to add video posts or text posts or anything you care to blog about in one platform.

Export all of your posts and keep the visitors and comments that you have worked hard in obtaining!

In order to obtain the PixelPost to WordPress Exporter package, a $9.99USD donation is required of you that will be forwarded to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). Why? My wife is a medical researcher working on the cure for blood cancers. She works in a lab that works hand in hand with the LLS. We support the LLS through various events and fundraisers, including Light the Night. A small donation on your part allows you to save hours and hours of your time in trying to export your PixelPost data by hand. This donation also helps save lives of people afflicted by blood cancers. All proceeds from your donations will be given to the LLS.

Donate today and upgrade your photoblogging and your karma!